IP & Technology Litigation

Marbury attorneys have extensive experience in the areas of patent infringement litigation, copyright infringement litigation, trademark disputes, theft of trade secrets litigation, and other business litigation matters.

It is generally preferable to avoid the high emotional, financial, and time costs of litigation.  At Marbury Law Group, the litigation team works proactively with our clients to review business plans, agreements, contracts, and more to mitigate the possibility of disputes and lessen the possible ramifications should disputes arise.

If and when the need arises and a client wishes to aggressively enforce its rights in a court of law, we will assist the client in this objective.  Likewise, if a client wishes to quietly settle a matter through a licensing and/or settlement agreement, we will aid them in negotiating desired terms.  Throughout the litigation process we work closely with our clients, maintaining ongoing communication regarding all aspects of their case.  Marbury Law involves the client in the decision-making associated with the litigation.