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Technology & Information Security Law

Trade Secret Audits, Strategy, and Counseling

Marbury Law Group attorneys work with our clients to protect their proprietary and trade secrets.  We work with clients to ensure physical protections and policies are in place to ensure proper protection for client trade secrets.  We also help clients choose between trade secret and patent protections for proprietary innovations.  By helping to identify and protect their trade secrets, we help our clients build and maintain this important class of intellectual property. Our trade secret services include:

  • Inventory of trade secret assets
  • Auditing measures in place for protecting trade secrets
  • Reviewing and establishing company trade secret protection policies
  • Supporting client nondisclosure agreement forms and records
  • Assisting in the trade-off between patents and trade secrets

Computer Law

The Marbury Law Group is very active in all aspects of computer law and licensing.  Marbury Law assists companies in establishing and protecting rights in government contract and commercial settings, as well as litigating and resolving disputes that arise in computer software and hardware development settings.  The attorneys at Marbury Law are well-versed in software development issues as a result of their prior industrial experience before entering the field of law.  Typical matters include:

  • Drafting software licensing agreements
  • Negotiating development agreements
  • Software litigation
  • Identifying software structure that maximizes proprietary rights
  • Contract development for outsourcing data management and software research

Internet Law and Electronic Commerce

Personnel at the Marbury Law Group are experienced leaders in internet and electronic commerce law. Members of the firm are deeply involved in counseling companies on these types of thorny Internet issues.  We frequently attend seminars and provide presentations to clients and interested groups in our continuing efforts to keep abreast of the latest Internet issues and solutions to problems.  Marbury Law is uniquely qualified to render assistance in this rapidly evolving and changing area.