Trademark & Copyright Law

The Marbury Law Group has a successful and diverse trademark practice that covers all aspects of brand strategy and protection.

  • Trademark Selection
    • Trademark availability searches and analyses
  • Trademark Monitoring and Use
    • Monitor U.S. and international databases for use of identical or similar marks that might conflict with clients’ marks
    • Monitor clients’ own use of mark on websites, labels, marketing materials and products to ensure compliance with U.S. trademark laws
  • Trademark Prosecution
    • File applications at state and federal level
    • Respond to USPTO Office Actions
    • Maintain marks post-registration with state and federal agencies
  • Trademark Oppositions and Cancellations
    • Institute proceedings at USPTO Trademark Trial and Appeal Board against owners and/or registrants of conflicting marks
    • Defend proceedings at USPTO Trademark Trial and Appeal Board from owners of allegedly conflicting marks
  • Litigation
    • Prepare cease and desist letters to owners of conflicting marks
    • Institute lawsuits in federal and state courts against owners of conflicting mars
    • Defend lawsuits in federal and state courts from owners of allegedly conflicting marks
    • File actions under Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to obtain transfer and ownership, or cancellation of domain names improperly registered to third parties which conflict with client’s mark  proceedings
  • Licensing
    • Negotiate licenses and co-existence agreements
  • International
    • File applications abroad either through Madrid Protocol, as Community Trademark or directly in country of interest

Since 2008, Intellectual Property Today has annually listed The Marbury Law Group as one of the Top Trademark Firms, and LAW WORKS magazine listed The Marbury Law Group (under the former name Roberts Mardula & Wertheim) as one of the top 100 law firms nationwide in obtaining trademarks for its clients.  The experienced attorneys at Marbury Law are available to provide comprehensive service in federal, state, and international trademark practice to include screening and opinions on proposed marks, dispute resolution, and licensing of trademarks and service marks.  Marbury Law was central to establishing international mechanisms for approval of trademark identifications among Japan, Europe, and the United States.

The Marbury Law Group's attorneys assist in such areas as negotiating the terms and conditions of publishing, marketing, royalty and assignment contracts, as well as those of licensing and syndication agreements.  In conjunction with the client, Marbury attorneys participate to help determine which rights to sell or license, international aspects, contracts with illustrators and other professionals, and additional measures that may be needed to avert literary theft.  Marbury can also act as a literary agent, matching the creative product with the appropriate publisher, promoter, and marketer.  For the benefit of the client’s pocketbook, Marbury Law makes extensive use of its paralegal staff to provide cost-effective service on routine copyright matters.